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Welcome to Birmingham LINk! Our mission with this financial blog is to create an online community of individuals who are interested in the world of finance, economics, and would like to have the resources they need to make well-informed investments and business decisions! Through our blog posts, our audience can educate themselves about the world of finance and acquire all the basic information one may need in order to make wise decisions about investing, real-estate, spending, insurance, retirement, etc.

Our group of professionals in the field of finance and economics (graduates from some of the most highly acclaimed institutions) have had years of experience in the financial services industry and have worked with some of the leading international finance firms. They post up-to-date, relevant articles on a variety of different topics based on their areas of expertise, and will provide you with a commentary of their market-related, financial insights and thoughts, as well as the necessary resources to better understand financial developments.

Whether you’re an economist who’s well acquainted with the field, an investor, or even a layperson unfamiliar with economics or finance, our articles will keep you informed of all the options available to you, and provide you with an interesting, entertaining read too!

The world of finance has been plagued with horrendous misconceptions and myths and there are numerous stereotypes associated with the specialists working in the field – we’re here to debunk the myths, and create a positive, helpful environment for our readers! There’s so much information out there, and with so much noise, it’s often difficult to make sense of what’s what – we make it our aim to cut through the noise and describe the world as we see it. Our readers will benefit from clear and meaningful articles that will help them make well-informed, practical decisions.

In our articles, we discuss some of the toughest issues in the world of finance and economics in order to equip our readers with the tools needed to make their own analyses and come to their own conclusions about what’s best for them. We take an open-minded approach on many topics and our articles offer you an unbiased look on some of the field’s most complex areas. We don’t pretend to have all the answers – we simply offer our professional opinions and discuss the issues from various stand-points and angles.

At Birmingham LINk, we’re here to help you take control of your money, understand your financial situation and make the best decisions possible. It’s all too often that individuals get taken advantage of by financial predators – we’ll help you become financially aware, independent and secure!